A downloadable game for Windows

Maybe you have defiled some ancient crypt.
Maybe you have pissed off some necromancer.

What ever you have done, the ghosts are trying to kill you.

Defend yourself and kill them, before they kill you.
But be aware, in the end you are going to die, there is no end in the ranks of the ghosts.

This is my entry to the GBJAM#5, i hope you like it.


1.1: Added another Weapon to the game, as well as another help-screen
1.1.1: Hotfix for a nasty bug
1.1.2: Changed the controls, added one new control-scheme and controller- support.

Release date Oct 07, 2016
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsEndless, GameMaker, GBJam, Ghosts, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Simply download and run the game :)


GhostHunter.exe 6 MB
GhostHunter (Original Jam Version).exe 6 MB


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Love your new updates ;).

Shooting the basic gun now feels like using gatling gun while killing mass of ghosts.

Also loves the new weapon especially the laser which add the mass killing more fun.


It feels like a ghost genocide instead ghost hunting xD.

Also, how about different weapon pickups (with limited ammo)? To make killing stuffs even crazier on those big number of ghosts :D.


this is a great idea :D

Now, since the Jam is over, i might update it with more weapons and maybe more ghost types :)

Good luck adding more contents for your game in the future. I even did it to my old game which was from old game jam ;).

(1 edit) (+1)

There is a second weapon with limited ammo now.
And i recently watched Vlambeer's Video "The Art of Screen Shake" and now i am adding all the tipps they gave on action games :)

The game (still only on my pc) feels a lot more dynamic now :D


Played your update. Nice start for improving your game after game jam ;).

Some thought again when played the game:

  • The Shoot and Skill keys are a bit awkward for the distance, especially they are both important. Should try with Z and X instead.
  • About new ammo bar, should make it appear only after picked up a new weapon

Also a question, why not making the wave attack killing instead of pushing? It would make killing crazier, but with cooldown to balance it ;).


I am glad you like the game.

The controlscheme has been altered in the development build already. I will upload jt after the jam rating session ends to not influence the result :)

There will hopefully be some more enemies in it by then :)

(1 edit) (+1)

The control-scheme has been altered now (as well as a new scheme and controllersupport have been added). :)

It plays a lot better now :D